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Be warned that if you trade here, you do so at your own risk. There are people whom will try to scam you out of your Pokйmon. Do not do 2 for 1 trades and always be careful with what you trade
Only a few Pokйmon can have Hidden abilities. These are listed here and their evolutions.

We have also set up a Discord Server for the same purpose as this chat

As the latest update for Java caused a couple of issues with the chat applet, we have replaced it with a new Flash based one. If you wish to use the old version, Click Here

If the above applete does not load or you are fed up with it then Click Here To Download a program called mIRC. Its virus checked so you dont have to worry. You still have to obey the below rules. It can be accessed via the command /server -j #spp-wifi Alternate chat5 minute ban — Serebii has stated in the past that "They’re not in the nature of the game, they only cheapen it." As such, do not mention hacking tools/devices (or their abbreviations), and do not offer/request hacked Pokémon. This includes Action Replay, Pokésav, and Game Shark.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest1561> I need someone with a game shark
<WiFiGuest4912> Anyone have an AR?
<WiFiGuest6927> Who can hack me something with PokeSav??

No Glitch Pokémon
5 minute ban — Do not trade Pokémon with attributes/movesets that can only be attained by glitches or hacks. This includes Ditto rage glitch Pokémon.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8679> offering machamp with fissure

No Wonder Guard Discussion
5 minute ban — Do not mention "Wonder Guard". (This usually pertains to people hacking to get a Spiritomb with Wonder Guard.)
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest6720> Looking for Wonderguard!
<WiFiGuest0018> Who has Wondertomb

No Spiky-Eared Pichu
5 minute ban — Legitimate Spiky-Eared Pichu cannot be traded, so don’t ask for it or offer it.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8679> Does anyone want to trade for my Spiky Eared Pichu?
<WiFiGuest5894> Looking for Notch-Eared Pichu!

No Unreleased Pokémon
5 minute ban — Don’t request/offer Pokémon that come from games that haven’t been released yet. Don’t request/offer Pokémon that come from events that haven’t happened yet. Be patient.
See the spoiler below for 6th-gen pokémon that are not allowed as of October, 2013.
Spoiler:- List:

AZ’s Floette

No Fan-Made Event Pokémon
5 minute ban — Do not offer/request Pokémon from fan-made events. Fan-made events almost always distribute custom-made or hacked Pokémon, which are not allowed to be traded in #SPP-Wifi.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8486> lf nintendo world shiny celebi

Must Specify Shiny Events
5 minute ban — If you mention a Shiny Event, you must specify where it is coming from. There are only certain Shiny Events that we allow to be mentioned, as only some shiny events are legitimate. Check the SPOILER below for a list of allowed shiny events.
Spoiler:- List:

Shiny Events Allowed:
Shiny Mew – Must state that it is from Faraway Island.
Shiny Darkrai – Must state that it is from the Member Card Event.
Shiny Shaymin – Must state that it is from the Oak’s Letter Event.
Shiny Manaphy – Must state that is is from the Manaphy Egg.
Shiny Deoxys – Must state that it is from Birth Island from Fire Red/Leaf Green.
Shiny Jirachi – Must state that it is from the Colosseum Bonus Disc or Pokémon Channel.
Shiny Milotic – Must state that it is from the VGC09 Event.
Pikachu-Colored Pichu and VGC10 Eevee are allowed.

All other Shiny Events are not allowed, including Shiny Celebi and Shiny Arceus.

Must Specify Shinies & Events
5 minute ban — You must specify what shiny or event Pokémon you are looking for. Don’t just say "lf shinys" or "lf events".
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest9463> lf shinys
<WiFiGuest6894> looking for events
<WiFiGuest4815> I have a Wartortle, will trade events/shinys.

Must Specify Your Offerings
5 minute ban — Be sure to specify what you are offering. Don’t just say things like "offering big/huge".
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest5463> Looking for Mewtwo, offering huge!
<WiFiGuest5614> I want Caterpie! Offering big!
<WiFiGuest3826> Offering a lot for my shiny Weedle!

No Scamming
Untimed ban — This is a no-brainer. If you are caught scamming, you will be banned.
You are also not permitted to talk about well-known scams in the channel.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8619> lf shambori

No Disconnecting
5+ minute ban — If you are caught intentionally disconnecting during a battle (or violating any other rule that you both agreed to), you will be banned. Play fair. No Free Giveaways
5 minute ban — Do not offer/request free Pokémon or free items. Most of the time these are scams, and they are not allowed.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7941> lf free shinys!
<WiFiGuest1212> I want a Mewtwo, will give anything for free!
<WiFiGuest0001> Anybody have any free Pokémon?

No Battling For Prizes
5 minute ban — Do not offer or request a battle that has a prize attached. Like "free pokémon" offerings, these are usually scams.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8913> anyone care to 3 on 3 single battle no ubers? if u win i give u a free evd lvl 100 pokemon.

No Uneven Trades
5 minute ban — Do not offer/request multiple Pokémon in exchange for only one Pokémon. These are also usually scams, and they are not allowed.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7851> will trade mewtwo kyogre and shaymin for shiny dialga

Stay On Topic
Warning, then 5 minute ban — Keep the chat to Pokémon wifi requests only. If you have a universal question or request that does not pertain to trades or battles, ask in #SPP.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest9746> how do I get to cianwood city?
<WiFiGuest4956> who here can rate my team?
<WiFiGuest1605> how does the pokéradar work?
<WiFiGuest0945> what is a good nature for kangaskhan

Pokémon-Related Requests Only
5 minute ban — Do not ask for things that are not Pokémon-related. Do not ask for wifi battles/matches/etc that are not Pokémon-related (i.e. no brawl battles).
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest9237> lf brawl battle!
<WiFiGuest0502> Who has a runescape account?!
<WiFiGuest0320> who likes digimon?
<WiFiGuest7952> LF a boyfriend

For clarification: You are allowed to request Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rescues. Only Trade Pokémon For Other Pokémon
5+ minute ban — Do not ask to trade a Pokémon for something completely unrelated. You may not offer to buy or sell Pokémon either. These are usually scams.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest0999> will trade an impish level 100 tangrowth max evs in defence and attack for a maple story account
<WiFiGuest7887> i’m selling custom bred shinies and events on paypal for $5 each PM me

No ROM Discussion
5 minute ban — The SPP chat rooms do not condone illegal activity. Do not discuss any ROMs (Pokémon games or otherwise). This rule also includes emulators, M3 cards, and R4 cards.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8913> Who has a B/W rom?
<WiFiGuest5036> Need help with my R4

No Illegal Download Discussion
5 minute ban — Besides roms/emulators, you may also not ask for downloads of any copyrighted material. (This includes Pokémon episodes, episodes of any other anime or show, mp3 downloads, etc). You may also not ask for help downloading these things.
Even if filesharing laws are lax where you live, they aren’t for most people, and the SPP chat rooms do not condone copyright infringement.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8943> who has an mp3 of a song?
<WiFiGuest3346> i want the latest pokémon episode!
<WiFiGuest2222> where can I download a song?

No Inappropriate Topics
10+ minute ban — Keep the channel clean. Anything that is inappropriate will be banned. This includes (but is not limited to) adult topics and racist/sexist/homophobic/etc commentary.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7913> lf butts
<WiFiGuest4613> who wants to touch my <censored>

No Swearing
5 minute ban — Keep offensive language to a minimum. Swear words show up as "<censored>" to everybody else in the channel. Ops can easily detect this and will ban you for excess swearing, so don’t do it.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7916> shut the <censored> up
<WiFiGuest2416> <censored> u
<WiFiGuest3232> kiss my <censored>

No Video Or Voice Chat Requests
5+ minute ban — As a safety precaution, do not request voice chats or video chats.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest0999> lf video chat
<WiFiGuest2947> who wants to voice chat PM me

No Advertising
5 minute ban — This rule includes websites, other IRC channels, and YouTube subscriptions.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7195> go to to look at my team!
<WiFiGuest9354> hey come over to #awesomepeople to talk with cool people!

No Clan Discussion
5 minute ban — Do not ask people to join your clan. Do not recruit or talk about recruiting. This includes advertising your clan through mass private messaging. Mentioning the word "clan" will result in a ban.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7946> Join my clan.
<WiFiGuest2894> Recruiting lots of people!
<WiFiGuest7623> lf clan members

No Tournament Discussion
5 minute ban — Do not ask to host or join a tournament. Do not ask for other people to create a tournament. These topics pertain to clans, and mentioning them will result in a ban. This rule includes advertising your tournament through mass private messaging.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest8465> lf tournament battle
<WiFiGuest5213> join my tournament!

No "Looking for «nick»"
Warning, then 5 minute ban — Do not try to find someone in the chatroom over and over by saying "looking for the guy I just traded with", etc.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest4791> I just battled with someone named Bob! Where is he?!
<WiFiGuest2655> Whoever just traded me that Caterpie, PM ME!

No Flaming
5 minute ban — Do not complain about other users in the chat room under any circumstances. If somebody is breaking a rule, report them .
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest6544> ClanGuy hacks! Don’t battle him!
<WiFiGuest8945> Jim is a moron!

No Complaining About Scams/Disconnects
5 minute ban — Do not complain in the main channel that someone scammed you, or that they disconnected during your battle. If you have proof that someone has scammed you or disconnected when you both agreed not to, report them with proof to an active op.
We cannot get your Pokémon back for you, so always trade/battle at your own discretion. See this topic for tips on how to avoid scams.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest4495> Don’t trade with Bob! He’s a scammer!
<WiFiGuest8921> Bob disconnects don’t play with him!

No PM Harassment
10+ minute ban — Do not harass others via private message. If someone is harassing you, report them .
Spoiler:- Example:

You already know the rules by now. Don’t break them in PM.

No Flooding
5+ minute ban — Do not write too many lines of text in a row too quickly. This is spam, and causes the channel to scroll faster than other people can keep up.
Spoiler:- Example:

[10:05] <WiFiGuest1591> Do
[10:05] <WiFiGuest1561> Not
[10:05] <WiFiGuest1561> Write
[10:05] <WiFiGuest1561> Like
[10:05] <WiFiGuest1561> This

No Repeating
5 minute ban — Don’t send the same message repeatedly within a short time frame. Changing a couple words/characters to try and evade spam filters will still get you banned.
Spoiler:- Example:

[11:20] <WiFiGuest4495> offering groudon arceus magikarp and mewtwo
[11:20] <WiFiGuest4495> offering groudon arceus magikarp and mewtwo pm me
[11:20] <WiFiGuest4495> offering groudon arceus magikarp and mewtwo 🙂

No Character Spamming
5 minute ban — Don’t write out long lines of the same letter/character. This is annoying and disruptive. This includes space-spamming.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest6595> lf pikachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
<WiFiGuest3277> offering arceus.
<WiFiGuest0045> lf shiny butterfree

No Excess Caps
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7944> I WANT HEART GOLD!

Keep Text Formatting To A Minimum
5 minute ban — Use bold, underline, reverse, and italics (that goes for you mIRC 7.1+ users) sparingly. If too much of your text in one line is formatted, it is an auto-ban.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest4999> Who wants to battle?
<WiFiGuest5941> looking for a caterpie, will trade my bagon!

Don’t use /me
5 minute ban — Do not use the /me command. There is no need to format your offers/requests this way, and any other use of it is roleplaying/offtopic anyway.
Spoiler:- Example:

* WiFiGuest8744 wants a ponyta!

No Spamming in Militar
5+ minute ban — If you Spam with anything above in excess, you will be removed. (Spamming also includes excessive smiley faces and gibberish)
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest3332> 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 lf milotic :o:o:o :o:o:o :o:o:o :o:o:o
<WiFiGuest6444> sfasjneklqwjrl;asmklnsral;mflisnramogkl;dsoe

English Only Please
5 minute ban — The language of the chatroom is English. Using any other language may result in a ban. If you want to talk to someone in another language, do so in a private message.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest4495> busco rayquaza
<WiFiGuest8746> je veux mewtwo

No Access Begging
Warning, then 5 minute ban — You will not be opped/voiced if you ask for it. Just don’t ask. (Op/Voice is having

<WiFiGuest9599> can I be an op?
<WiFiGuest9599> plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
<WiFiGuest9599> i promise i’ll be a good op

Don’t Ask Ops How They Became Ops
Warning, then 5 minute ban — This is particularly annoying. Ops are added when the other ops think that they should be added. There is no way to "become an op" of your own doing, it is a granted access that you cannot ask for, and probably will not get if you make it apparent you’re trying to get it. Let your curiosity rest on this one, and stop asking.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest1141> so how did u become op
<WiFiGuest6627> who made u op?
<WiFiGuest8858> how do i become an op

No Arguing With Ops About Bans/Rules
5+ minute ban — It’s okay to PM an op to ask about your ban, but being hostile about it will only get you banned even longer. The rules of #SPP-Wifi are decided upon by all the ops and are not up for debate, so arguing with an op will not get them changed.
If you feel you have been banned unfairly, you may post about it in this thread. but make sure to follow that thread’s instructions or else your post may be ignored.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest7888> you’re a stupid op!
<WiFiGuest9462> why shouldn’t we be allowed to trade hacks?

No Ban Evasion
Untimed ban — If you were banned, and return under a different IP or vhost, you will automatically be banned and reported to network services. Bans usually last 5-10 minutes, so just wait them out. Longer (untimed) bans are removed every time an op clears the ban list, which usually happens every couple of days. Ban evasion will not only get you in further trouble with the chat room, but will also get you in trouble with network staff, and you may be permanently banned from all chat rooms for a very long time. No Script Evasion
5+ minute ban — Some of the ops have tools known as scripts which can sometimes detect when somebody is breaking a rule. If you try to break a rule by changing your text to evade a script, you will be banned.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest6006> Looking for people who have p0k3$@/ pm me

Tricking people into triggering scripts is not allowed
Untimed ban — If you try to get someone in trouble by making them trigger a script by accident, they won’t get in trouble, but you will.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WifiGuest9173> what’s shedinja’s ability?
<WiFiGuest6059> what show is patamon from?
<WiFiGuest4984> say s h a m b o r i without the spaces

No Cloning
5+ minute ban — Do not join on a duplicate connection with another name. (We will make an exception if you are trying to set up mIRC or another chat client.) No Inappropriate Nicknames
5+ minute ban — Do not change your nickname to something that mentions a banned topic of discussion.
Spoiler:- Example:

* WifiGuest2984 is now known as LF_hacks
* WifiGuest3241 is now known as ImSexy
* WifiGuest2984 is now known as IGotActionReplay

No Impersonation
5+ minute ban — Do not change your nickname to one that is intentionally similar to another person in the chatroom. This includes regular users, ops, and network staff.
Spoiler:- Example:

<kirbee> kirby is a bad op!
<Sereb11> give me all your Pokémon or your bannd!
<St3phen> stephen banned me and i’m mad.
<[YZ]CIanDude> lol look at me i’m [YZ]ClanDude and i’m dumb

No Mini-Opping
5 minute ban — Do not act like you are an Op in the chatroom. If you notice somebody else breaking a rule in the chatroom who is not being dealt with, tell an op privately.
Spoiler:- Example:

<WiFiGuest5921> don’t ask for spiky eared pichu, you’ll get kicked!
<WiFiGuest1666> stay on topic guys

No False Reports
5+ minute ban — If you try to get someone in trouble by making fake logs or other fake evidence, you will be banned.

This rules set was written collaboratively by the #SPP and #SPP-Wifi op team.

1) To change nick type /nick (nickname) of course without the ( ).
2) To register a nick type /ns REGISTER password email
3) To identify to your nick type /ns IDENTIFY password
4) Click here if you have mIRC to access the chat via that

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