Asociación Europea de Vías Verdes

CONGRATULATIONS to all the WINNERS of the first European Greenways Photo Contest We loved all your photos. WINNERS: PRIZE 1 ©Helen Rigard – Waterford Greenway Viaduct – IRELAND PRIZE 2 ©Oscar Garcia – Terra Ingreso Greenway – SPAIN PRIZE 3 ©Pablo Toboso – Terra Incorporación Greenway – SPAIN PRIZE 4 ©David Quintas – Vasco Navarro Greenway_Alava – SPAIN PRIZE 5 ©Derek Halsey – Iron Curtain Trail – CZECH REPUBLIC MENTIONS: M1 ©Oscar Garcia – Sierra de la Demanda Greenway – SPAIN M2 ©Tessa Serrano – Hehlingen – GERMANY M3 ©Anita Tīlena – Old Narroy-gauge Railway Bridge – LATVIA M4 ©Gregorio Egea Jimenez – Murcia Greenway – SPAIN M5 ©Salvador Camaño – Plazaola Greenway – SPAIN M5 ©Alicia Polo – Bidasoa Greenway – SPAIN M5 ©Derek Halsey – Iron Curtain Trail – CZECH REPUBLIC Thank you all for participating! We have discovered new greenways thanks to your photos. Please keep on sharing and tagging your favourite European greenways! Also thanks to all our judges for taking their time and rating all the pictures! Roberto Rovelli – IT Associazione Italiana Greenways Jenny Martin – UK Sustrans Dominika Zareba – PL Stowarzyszenie Greenways Poland Gilbert Perrin – BE Chemins du Riel Carmen Aycart – ES Vías Verdes de Andalucía Liam O’Mahony – IR Great Southern Trail / Greenway And […]

Duration: 1 April 2016 – 30 June 2016

Greenways and Tourism Product Workshop and Technical Visit in Portugal

Software Workshop: Ecopistas e Produtos Turísticos – Entrevista Técnica THIS WORKSHOP WILL BE IN PORTUGUESE Parceiros Internacionais European Greenways Association (EGWA) Subbética Bikes Friends, (Spain) Parceiros Nacionais Câmara Municipal de Santa Comba Dão Câmara Municipal de Tondela Câmara Municipal de Viseu Software da Ação: Dia 7 – Quinta-feira 09:00 – Receção 09:30 – Sessão boas vindas – CIM VISEU DÃO LAFÕES 10:00 – Apresentação do projeto “Greenways Outdoor” – Mercedes Muñoz 10:30 – Turismo do Centro – Producto turístico vinculado a Ecopistas no Centro de Portugal 11:00 – “Generando producto turístico en la Vía verde del Unto” Antonio Camacho Subbética Bikes Friends, (Spain) 11:30- “Ecopistas: Procedimiento Acessível a Todos” – Apresentação pelas Associações (IPSS) 12:00 – Os Bikotel e a Estruturação do Produto – Pedro Pedrosa empresa A2Z 12:15 – Network Meeting – Instituições Publicas e empresariais. “Serviços em torno da Ecopista do Dão” 13:00 – Almoço livre 17:00 – Cita técnica à ECOPISTA DO DÃO 20:00 – Jantar convívio Organizado por: […]

Duration: 7 July 2016

“Tourism Outdoor and Greenways in Rural Areas” Workshop in Italy

European Greenways Association will take part in the “Tourism Outdoor and Greenways in Rural Areas” Workshop in Italy. On the 1st and 2nd of July we will be in Parco Regionale Veneto Delta del Po and we invite you to participate also in the workshop, the techical visit or the nordic walk and discover the city of Adria.

Duration: 1 July 2016 – 2 June 2016

“Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product” Workshop and more…

On Friday 20 May the workshop “Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product” was held in Bütgenbach (Belgium). It was organized by Tourismusagentur Ostbelgien (the Belgian tourism agency) in cooperation with EGWA, within the framework of the EU funded project, Greenways Outdoor. The workshop was followed by a very interesting technical visit to the award-winning cross-border route, Vennbahn, passing through 3 countries, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. To end the day a new bridge near the Lommersweiler tunnel was opened. It was named after Gilbert Perrin in recognition of his tireless work in the creation of Vennbahn. The interesting presentations made during the workshop can be seen at Workshop “Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product” The workshop kicked off with a warm welcome to the participants by Sandra De Taeye, director of Tourismusagentur Ostbelgien, who pointed out the importance of the Vennbahn as a key tourist attraction in East Belgium and the continuous work by the many stakeholders to provide the best offer and welcome to visitors. Greenways Outdoor overview. Mercedes Muñoz. European Greenways Association (EGWA) Director and Greenways Outdoor Coordinator. The EGWA director and coordinator of the project showed […]

Duration: 19 May 2016 – 20 May 2016

Social Networks Prize Photo Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to David Clynch, the winner of the SPECIAL Social Networks Prize of the First edition of the European Greenways Photo Contest who took an amazing photo of Deise Greenway, the Waterford Greenway Group near Ballyvoile in Ireland and shared it will us and all of his friends on Facebook and Twitter! David’s photo had a great engagement with over 50 likes, comments and retweets which made him the direct winner of this prize. It was the picture with the most amount of points from all the pics we received from all over Europe. Thank you all for sharing your greenway photos with us! The photo contest is part of the EU project Greenways Outdoor and this particular SPECIAL Social Networks Prize, given to the person with the most points, it is offered by the EGWA and the Greenways Outdoor project, and it consists of two nights’ accommodation *** with breakfast for two people near one of the winning greenways of the 7th European Greenways Award 2015 (Excellence and Exemplary Initiatives categories): Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal / North-Rhine-Westphalia / Germany Plazaola Greenway / Navarra / Spain Koleje in Nový Jičín / Moravia-Silesia / Czech Republic Greenway between Flemish Ardennes and the Pays des Collines / Flanders / Walloon region / Belgium – […]

Duration: 11 April 2016 – 12 June 2016

REGISTRATION IS OPEN EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycletourism conference!

14th October 2016

On the 14th of October 2016, the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) together with the European Greenways Association (EGWA) are holding the III Edition of their EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference in Vienna (Austria). The event is the main cycle tourism conference on the European level and brings together leading stakeholders in the cycle tourism field from across the continent. The III EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference will be held on October 14th 2016 at the Palais Niederosterreich in Vienna (Austria). In this edition in Vienna, the programme will be divided in two main blocks: – Product: focusing on the best experiences on cycle tourism from all around Europe. It will include presentations from tour operators, universities, European organisations and specialists on Greenways Outdoor (tourism products based on Greenways) and Silver Cyclists (cycling tourism for seniors). – Markets and clients: this block will focus on marketing Europe as a tourism destination, including experiences from all around the world on how to market cycle tourism and the impact of cycle tourism (monitoring). Due to the limited number of seats, we highly recommend you to register as soon as possible. National EuroVelo Coordinators and Coordination Centres (NECC/Nc) and EGWA members will have priority in case the number of registrations exceed […]

Duration: 14 October 2016

The 3rd Eurovelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference

14th October 2016

On the 14th of October 2016 the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) and the European Greenways Association (EGWA) organise a EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism Conference in Vienna Austria. Like every other year, the conference is the opportunity to bring together leading experts working on cycle tourism, route development and other related fields from across the continent to learn about the latest developments and share best practices. The registrations for the event will be opened soon. Please stay tuned on the website and Follow us on social media! This conference is organized in the framework of the EU funded project Silver cyclist and Greenways Outdoor

Duration: 14 October 2016

Workshop “Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product”

“Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product”, is the next workshop that will be held on Friday 20 May/2016 at Bütgenbach (Belgium), As part of the Greenways Outdoor project. It will be followed by a technical visit at the awarded transborder greenway Vennbahn! The memorándum is worth the trip! Preliminary program Workshop “Greenways: Attracting new clients and selling the product” Venue: Sport- und Freizeitzentrum Worriken – at the Building « Pavillon » Worriken 9; 4750 Bütgenbach (Belgium) Time: 9:15 – 12:30 + Technical visit: 14:00 -18:00 ____________________________________________________________________________ Objectives: To present the project Greenways Outdoors and to encourage stakeholders to generate tourism product around greenways. To share best practices in greenways infrastructure development, as key tool to develop cycle tourism. To present key elements to attract new clients and to implement successful marketing campaigns on greenways To provide key tips to create attractive cycle tourism packages linked to greenways. Addressed to: Tourism promotion and greenway management authorities; Recinto service and equipment providers (SMEs) around greenways; Tour operators and active and nature tourism agencies; Public authorities and private organisations that want to promote greenways for tourism in its territories; Potential tourists / end users. Program: 9:15 Registration 9:30 Words […]

Duration: 20 May 2016


EUROPEAN GREENWAYS PHOTO CONTEST OPEN CALL The European Greenways Association organizes the “European Greenways Photo Contest” in the framework of the European project Greenways Outdoor (co-founded by the Cosme programme of the European Union). The objective is to promote greenways as a suitable infrastructure for different groups to practise outdoor activities at any time of year. The European Greenways and all the elements around them are the protagonists of this competition. Participating photos should show the infrastructure itself (viaducts, tunnels, old railway buildings, canal towpaths, etc.), or users, heritage and natural attractions of the environment, places and singular elements, and especially the practice of activities by different kinds of users (cyclists, hikers, sports, families, etc.). There are 5 prizes for the best photos and a special prize for the picture with the best engagement on the social media networks: 1st PRIZE: 2 tickets in 1st class for a round trip to any of the Renfe-SNCF en cooperación / en cooperation 2nd PRIZE: 3 Day trip to Madrid for 2 people – visiting two greenways sponsored by Rutas Pangea 3rd PRIZE: 3 Day trip to Olvera for 2 people – sponsored by Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra (FVVS) 4th PRIZE: […]

Duration: 12 April 2016 – 12 June 2016

New president for EGWA

16th October 2015

Family picture after Caudillo Assembly (from left to right): Jānis Sijāts, Vidzeme Tourism Association (Latvia) ; Nicolas Poulouin (AF3V -France) ; Albert Gómez (Consorci Vies Verdes De Girona – Spain ) ; Dany Heck – Tourismusagentur Ostbelgien, Belgium ; Daniel Mourek. Environmental Partnership Association (EPA), Czech Republic / Giulio Senes, New President, Italian Greenways Association, Italy / Kris Rockelé (Province Antwerpen, Belgium); Anne Daubechies, Walonie (Belgium); Gilbert Perrin, Outgoing President, Chemins du Riel (Belgium); Mercedes Muñoz, EGWA Director. Giulio Senes from the Italian Greenways Association (Italy) is the new EGWA president by acclamation of the Normal Assembly held in Namur (Belgium) last October. Senes had previously been Vice-President and knows the association very well as a founder member of EGWA. Namur, a highly symbolic place, was chosen for Gilbert Perrin to leave the presidency and to “close the circle”, since it was here where the Association started, promoted by himself and other partners in 1998. It was a very emotional farewell for him as president, but not from EGWA, where Gilbert will continue to be a member of the Executive Committee. But now he will have more time to devote to Chemins du Riel, the association of volunteers also […]

Duration: 16 October 2015

Greenways Outdoor at Fiets in Wandelbeurs 2016

20th February 2016

20-21st February we have been promoting the European Greenways and the Greenways Outdoor project at Fiets en Wandelbeurs 2016, that is one of the most important specialized international fairs. For first time Greewnays Outdoors had a joint stand, shared by four partners members Furthermore we organized a conference to present “Greenways Outdoor” with the participation of all the partners in Utrecht, to reinforce the presence of the greenways at the fair. Moreover, it was held two more conferences about Spanish vías verdes, since Spain has been the invited country this year, that counted with a great participation and, a presentation from the Vennbahn at the press conference organized from Wallonie. These parallel events have included as well references about greenways outdoor project and have greatly contributed to enlarge the impact of the greenways at the fair. It was a great experience and we would like to thank everybody for their visit and support, especially our GO partners present at the fair Ostbelgien Eifel-Ardennen Vías Verdes – Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles Rutas Pangea Vía Verde De La Sierra Cádiz-Sevilla Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região Dão Lafões! It was also an opportunity to meet there other friends and EGWA members, as Vías verdes de Girona and Chemins de Riel promoting RAVEL. […]

Duration: 20 February 2016

“Greenways without borders and barriers” Workshop

21st January 2016

On January 21 the European Greenways Association (EGWA) and Spanish Railways Foundation (hereinafter FFE) jointly organized the workshop “Greenways without borders and barriers”, within the framework of the European project Greenways Outdoor. This EU funded project is coordinated by the EGWA with FFE as one of the key team members. The workshop was attended by a large number of participants and the many interesting presentations can be seen at After some brief words of welcome from EGWA and the FFE, the Technical Workshop “Greenways Outdoor: Greenways without borders and barriers” started with a presentation by Ilona Lelonek, representing the DG GROW unit for Tourism, Emerging and Creative Industries of the European Commission, on European Union policies regarding sustainable tourism and how these policies can be funded. Ms. Lelonek highlighted the backing that the Commission provides to European greenways and, in particular, to the creation of a tourism product. The latter is one of the key objectives of the Greenways Outdoor project and is co-funded as part of the European Commission’s Cosme programme. Mercedes Muñoz, EGWA director and coordinator of the project, explained how the project’s main action strategies are being applied and highlighted some of the most important results, such as the creation of a catalogue of greenway-based touri sm products, the […]

Duration: 21 January 2016

Greenways Outdoor Coordination Meeting

20th January 2016

The previous afternoon to the Fitur Workshop an internal meeting was held, focusing on the coordination of the various actions to be developed in the coming months, such as joint participation in European tourism trade fairs, the creation of a catalogue of greenway-based tourism products, sport events, workshops, and communication campaigns. Team partners during and after the meeting The normal objective of the Greenways Outdoor project is the diversification of the tourism offer in Europe by generating new products relating to greenways and capitalizing on existing ones, thereby improving the competitiveness of the European greenway-based tourism industry, together with the joint promotion of greenways tourism products to make them better known internationally and so attract more visitors. The aim is also to strengthen public and private cooperation in order to facilitate the creation and promotion of the greenways tourism product. These objectives will be achieved through a combination of different actions and events and directed at SMEs, tour operators, public administrations, and other organizations interested in greenways, as well as the end customers themselves. Greenways Outdoor project is implemented by 10 Partners from 5 countries, (Spain, Latvia, Portugal, Italy and Belgium): European Greenways Association (co-ordinator European scope); Spanish Railways […]

Duration: 20 January 2016

Fitur workshop

21st January 2016

“Greenways Outdoor” Creation and transnational promotion of outdoor tourism product linked to European Greenways Greenways great Outdoors without borders and barriers Greenways Outdoor: Vías Verdes sin fronteras ni barreras. Workshop Thursday 21/January/ 2015 Venue: Madrid, Spain (at FITUR International tourism fair; room A 9.13) Time: 10:30 – 14:30 Objectives: To present the project Greenways Outdoors To present key elements to generate successful tourism product around greenways: continuity of the greenways beyond administrative boundaries and accessibility. To present main requirements and constraints to generate tourism product, with concrete examples of initiatives coming from public and SME. To encourage greenways network to generate tourism product and to promote them at European level. Addressed to: Tourism promotion and greenway management authorities; Regional service and equipment providers (SMEs) around greenways; Tour operators and active and nature tourism agencies; Public authorities and private organisations that want to promote greenways for tourism in its territories; Potential tourists / end users. Program (Preliminar): 10:00 – Registration 10:30 – 11:00 – Open act Representatives from: European Commission; Turespaña; EGWA and Spanish Railways Foundation (FFE). European Commission: “EU policy on sustainable tourism; EU funds opportunities for tourism and greenways” (tbc) 11:00 – 11:45 – Greenways Outdoor: the project […]

Duration: 21 January 2016

Tourism for Growth and Jobs Manifesto

17th December 2015

European Manifesto asks the European Commission and Parliament, more attention for tourism as an important driver on Growth and Jobs EGWA is one of the over 20 organisations that have already signed up to the manifesto because the importance of the future European policy on tourism, also for greenways. Greenways are a very useful tool for the development of tourism in rural areas and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage. Tourism in greenways is an important driver of economic and social development, what is key in rural and inland areas. The future European policy to support tourism is key for greenways! Please, read the Manifesto and help to distribute it through your organization and fellow network.

Tourism forum in R?zekne, Latvia

Presentation of cycling tourism development of Vidzeme by Mr. J?nis Sij?ts (including greenways and Greenways Outdoor project) region. This high-level conference brought together the Ministry representatives as well as planning experts and tourism professionals from all Latvia, but especially Eastern part. About 150 people participated at the event. Vidzeme Tourism Association, having had experience with cycling tourism development was asked to present the development of cycling tourism and cycling routes, including greenways. During the conference the GW Latvian and English maps were also distributed. Conference programme (in Latvian) can be found here: latgales-turisma-svarigs-faktors-konkuretspejiga Photos from the conference:

Duration: 2 March 2017

Namur Workshop

15th October 2015

“Best practices on Greenways” how to develop tourism product around greenways? Workshop Thursday 15/October/ 2015 Venue: Namur, Belgium ; C/o Siège de Chemins du Carril – Rue van Opré 97 ; 5th floor 16:30 – 18:30 __________________________________________________________________ Objectives: To present the project to the EGWA members and network To present good practice examples of greenways to inspire other greenways. To encourage greenways network to generate tourism product and to promote them at European level. To request the collaboration of the greenways managers and promoters in the project, providing information on their tourism products and disseminating the project. Networking between partners and participants: how you can contribute to the project Greenways Outdoor and how the project can help your greenways to become better prepared for tourism and for being more internationaly well-known. Program: 1. Greenways Outdoor (20 min) Project Caudillo Overview. Methodology for the development of tourism product: the catalog of greenways product and services around greenways. Participation at the European Catalogue. Mercedes Muñoz, AEVV-EGWA Director – Lead Partner/Coordinator. 2. Best practices from the greenways Outdoor team partners (30 min) Examples of greenways in different stages of development. How are they working to generate tourism product? What are the results? What works and […]

Duration: 15 October 2015

Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia

19th October 2015

Mercedes Muñoz and Raitis Sij?ts were speakers at the high-level conference «Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia», at the “Green Section”; Mercedes presented Greenways Outdoor project and Raitis completed the greenways overviews with the actions and recent experience of greenways in Latvia; they were very well received.

Duration: 19 October 2015 – 20 October 2015

The 7th European Greenways Awards have been given on October 16th 2015 during the official ceremony in Namur (Belgium)

16th October 2015

The 7th European Greenways Awards have been given on October 16th 2015 during the official ceremony in Namur (Belgium) Seven greenways from Germany, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom and Czech Republic were awarded as reference of best practices in Europe. The Award ceremony was held in Namur (Belgium). The European Greenways Award was created in 2003 and has been held every two years since. EGWA has been delighted to receive 21 candidacies from 9 different countries, and wishes to thank all the candidates for the quality of their work and the effort done to provide very helpful information to the jury. In this 2015 edition the international jury has awarded projects in three categories: “Excellence”, “Exemplary Initiatives” and one special prize “Best Outdoor Tourism Product for Greenways”. The jury met in Brussels last September, and as specified in the award regulations, they set out to select 3 awards for the “Excellence” and “Exemplary Initiatives” categories and the special prize for the Best Outdoor Tourism Product For Greenways (*). We are pleased to announce that the award winners are: «Excellence» Category. 1st Prize: Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal (North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) presented by Wuppertalbewegung e.V. For the transformation of the 22 Km of an abandoned railway […]

Duration: 16 October 2015

Greenways Outdoor at the annual congress of DRC

24th September 2015

EGWA had a stand at the annual congress of the Association des Departments et Regions Cyclables in Valence (France) 24-25 September to help promote Greenways Outdoors. This was a great opportunity to contact and promote the project in France, since we don’t have project partners from this country. We informed about project to the participants -public and private- and contacted with SME and association, as well as managers of cycle routes and greenways in France; in order to integrate information about tourism product on greenways in France. It was prepared and distributed a note of the project in French. Find out more here!

Duration: 24 September 2015 – 25 September 2015

Meeting in Brussels of the jury of the 7th European Greenways Award

3rd September 2015

Jury members at meeting in Brussels The Jury of the 7th European Greenways Award was made up of experts whose professional background allowed them to approach, from a range of perspectives, the analysis of more than 20 exceptional candidates from 9 different countries. M. Pedro Ortún. Principal advisor, DG GROW, European Commission. Mr. Frederic Razee. Expert RAVeL – Mobilité douce. Cabinet du Vice-Président du Gouvernement Wallon et Ministre des Travaux Publics, de la Santé, de l’Action Sociale et du Patrimoine Mr. Andreas Versmann. European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)/NAT section (Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment. Mr. Bartlomiej Jesionkiewicz. Technical and Policy Adviser of EIM EIM aisbl (European Carril Infrastructure Managers) Mr. Hildebrand P.G. de Boer. Programme Director of European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH e.V.). Ms. Iulia Niculica. Administration and Institutional Affairs Project Manager, European Travel Commission (ETC) M. Gilbert Perrin – President EGWA. (Vote, in case of a tie vote) Jury was assisted technically by the EGWA representatives (with voice but without vote) Ms. Carmen Aycart, Genérico Secretary and Ms. Mercedes Muñoz, Director and Jury Secretary. As laid down in the award regulations, the jury set out to select 3 awards for the categories Excellence and Exemplary Initiatives and 1 special […]

Duration: 3 September 2015

Kick off meeting Greenways Outdoor

“Greenways Outdoor” Creation and transnational promotion of outdoor tourism product linked to European Greenways Kick off meeting 2-3 July 2015 Objectives: Introduce the partners Detail the objectives and work plan Detail the Contractual, financial and implementation issues Networking & cooperation To know on the field the experience of an concrete greenway (infrastructure and SMS companies that pulvínulo its activity in the greenway) + (Accommodation / refrigerio and dinner in SMS enterprises linked and located in the greenways) Memorándum: Day 1 – Thursday 2 July 2015 17:00 Getting together. 19:00 Leaving from the Hacienda Minerva hotel (by car) 19:20 Welcomed of the Longevo of Doña Mencía at the Subbetica CycletourismCentre; visit to the micro enterprise specialized in tourism on greenways (Partner project – Subbetica Bikefriends). 20:00 Technical visit to Subbetica Greenway by bike (possible by card depending on the weather) 21: 30 Arrival at Hacienda Minerva hotel – (by car, possible by bike) 22: 00: Leaving for dinner at hotel Mencía Subbetica 23:15: End of the dinner and back to the hotel (Hacienda Minerva) (by food or bike) Day 2 – Friday 3 July 2015: 9.00 – Welcome Message and Round of Introductions [EGWA / […]

Duration: 2 July 2015 – 3 July 2015

Greenways Outdoor at Velo-city

EGWA coordinator Mercedes Muñoz and President Gilbert Perrin, participated at Velo-city in Nantes, France. The purpose was to communicate the launch of the Greenways Outdoor project and to encourage participants to contribute with the project. More information about velo-city can be found here!

Duration: 2 June 2015 – 5 June 2015

EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism Conference 2014 – Basel, Switzerland

21st September 2014

“Cycling without borders”, Lessons from the DEMARRAGE – EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Route Project Outbound capitalisation in the frame of the EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism Conference This year’s EuroVelo, Greenways and Cycling Tourism Conference took place in Basel, Switzerland on 19th September. It was incorporated within the closing of the successful Demarrage – EuroVelo 15 – Rhine Route Project. The day included sessions explaining how cycling tourism fits into the current political and economic dietario, ideas for new products for cycle tourists as well as presenting the transferrable outputs from the Demarrage project itself. Located at the meeting point of Switzerland, France and Germany, Basel was the perfect spot to mark the end of the successful Demarrage Project – a four-year investment in cross-border cycle tourism centred on the River Rhine. The Demarrage project has been co-financed by Northwest Europe INTERREG IV B. On the day before the conference, the Annual NECC/Cs Meeting was held in Weil am Rhein. More informationhere. These events were followed by a weekend of cycling in and around the Basel region. On Saturday, 20th September, the European Cyclists’ Federation led the inaugural ‘European Long Distance Cycle Route Certification Standard’ certification tour. Up to 50 participants […]

Duration: 21 September 2014

Intermodality and Slow Tourism: best practice in the Po Delta

Intermodality and Slow Tourism: best practice in the Po Delta – Workshop June 2, 2014 – Botanical Garden of Porto Caleri – Rovigo Carmen Aycart Prolongado – Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles. Greenways Product Project coordinator – “Spanish Greenways Programme” (pdf) Ms. Mercedes Muñoz – Director of European Greenways Association.“The European Greenways Overview” (pdf) Giuseppe Voltolina – Region of Veneto. “Tourism by bicycle in Veneto” (pdf) Miguel Angel Delgado – Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid. “Best practices guide about Intermodality Public transport + Bikes in Europe” (pdf) Giuseppe Merlin – FIAB. “The trailer bike rack, an aid to the development of cycling” (pdf ita) Pierpaolo Romio – Girolibero. “The operator’s experiences” video Giancarlo Mantovani – Reclamation Consortium Po Delta. “Navigating the river and lagoon of the Po Delta” (pdf ita) Alba Maria Rosito – Assonautica Polesana. “Nautical tourism in Polesine” (pdf ita) Carmen Aycart Largo – Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles.“Greenways Product Project” (pdf) Raitis Sijāts – Chairman of the Board Vidzeme Tourism Association – Greenways Product Project partner in Latvia. “Greenways in Latvia” (pdf) Susana Rodriguez Pérez – Fundacion Via Verde de la Sierra. “A success story about a greenways in a rural area” (pdf) Giulia Cortesi – FIAB. “Intermodality in Italy, brief overview” (pdf) Laura Mosca – LAG Delta Po. “LAG Delta Po projects and best practices” (pdf)

Duration: 2 June 2014

Creating Tourism Product in Latvia

Project “Greenways Product” Workshop on Creating Tourism Product in Latvia WED, May 21, 2014 Workshop Venue – Hotel Astor Riga; Riga, Latvia Program 8:30 – 9:00 Registration of participants, coffee 9:00 Opening of the Workshop 9:05 Welcome speech – Representative from the JSC Latvian Railway 9:10 Welcome speech – Member of Parliament of the Republic of Latvia 9:15 Welcome speech – Mr. Raitis Sijāts, Project GreenWays Product coordinator in Latvia – VTA 9:20 Ms. Carmen Aycart, Greenways Product Project coordinator – Spanish Railways Foundation – Welcome speech and Project activities report 9:35 Ms. Mercedes Muñoz, Director of European Greenways Association Greenways and sustainable tourism in Europe 9:50 Ms. Arantxa Hernández, Spanish Railways Foundation – Spanish Greenways Program (1993-2014) 10:05 Mr. Raitis Sijāts, Project coordinator in Latvia – Greenways Product Project activities in Latvia 10:20 Ms. Anna Kupče, Mr. Jānis Sijāts, VTA – New Latvia GreenWays and EuroVelo Map 10:40 Ms. Giulia Cortesi – Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta – Greenways and EuroVelo Map in Italy 11:00 Coffee Break 11:30 Mr. Toms Altbergs, Chief specialist of the the Latvian Railway History Museum + Ms. Ilze Sauša – Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. Research work about GreenWays in Latvia 12:00 Mr. Miguel Pereira – Associação Portuguesa de […]

Duration: 21 May 2014

European Greenways: New clients, new business

24th January 2014

European Greenways: New clients, new business” Vías Verdes europeas: Nuevos clientes, nuevos negocios Friday 24 January, 2014 / Viernes 24 de Enero 2014 Venue / División: FITUR, International Tourism Fair, Madrid (Spain) – (Parque Ferial Juan Carlos I ) Pavilion 9 room A 9.8 Software / Program 11:30 Open act Mr. Pedro Ortún, Director de Turismo, DG Empresa e Industria, Comisión Europea / Director for Tourism, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission Mr. Gilbert Perrin, Asociación Europea de Vías Verdes (EGWA), Presidente / European Greenways Association (EGWA), President Ms. Carmen Aycart, Jefe de Vías Verdes y Medio Concurrencia, Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles / Manager of Greenways and Environment Spanish Railways Foundation 12:00 – 13:00 Turismo sostenible en Europa / Sustainable tourisme in Europe Presentación del esquema “Greenways Product” / Greenways Product Project. Arantxa Hernández Colorado. Jefa de Estudios y Comunicación. Dirección de Vías Verdes y Medio Esfera. Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (FFE) / Responsable of Studies and Communication. Greenways and Environment Direction. (FFE) (Spain) Impacto del Cicloturismo en Europa / Impacts of the cycle tourism in Europe. Richard Weston, University of Central Lancashire, Institute of Transport & Tourism (United Kingdom). Vías Verdes y Turismo sostenible en Europa / Greenways […]

Duration: 24 January 2014

Greenways and Sustainable Tourism -Viseu WS

13th September 2013

Greenways Product Project Workshop: Greenways and Sustainable Tourism / ECOPISTAS E TURISMO SUSTENTÁVEL Friday September, 13th, 2013 Venue. Montebelo Viseu Hotel & SPA Urbanização Casa de campo do Bosque – 3510-020 Viseu, Portugal Presentations for download 9.30 h Sustainable tourism Greenways and Sustainable Tourism in Europe – Mercedes Muñoz, European Greenways association (EGWA), Director (Europe) The economic impact of the cycletourism in Europe.- Richard Weston, University of Central Lancashire, Institute of Transport & Tourism (United Kingdom) Portuguese ecopistas a resource for sustainable tourism. – Pedro Machado, Turismo do Centro (Portugal) Greenways Product: the portuguese context.- Miguel Pereira, APCV – Associação Portuguesa de Corredores Verdes (Portugal) 11.45 h Greenways Tourism product development Greenways Product project in Spain. – Carmen Aycart, Director of Greenways and Environment. Spanish Railways Foundation – FFE and EGWA Militar Secretary (Spain) Vennbahn, a trans-national tourism product. – Dany Heck, East Cantons Tourist Office (Belgium) Tourism promotion in Great Película del Oeste Trail – Brian Quinn, Failte Ireland (Irlanda/Ireland) “Alverdes” the network of hostels on Murcia’s North Película del Oeste Greenway. – Juan Soria, Manager of the Murcia’s Greenways Consorcium (Spain). The workshop and technical visit were organized in coincidence with the 6th European Greenways Award Ceremony 2013 Thursday 12th September 2013 from 19:30 p.m (same venue). HERE you can find the SUMMARY OF […]

Duration: 13 September 2013

“Greenways for the development of Tourism” Olvera

The workshop is organised in the framework of the Greenways Product Project. “Vías Verdes para el Explicación Turístico” / “Greenways for the development of Tourism” Miércoles / Wednesday 8th May 2013 Olvera Railway Station. Olvera. Cádiz. (Spain) Attendance at the workshop is free of charge (places are limited). Presentations of the Workshop Software / Programme 9.00 – Inauguración / Open Session Eduardo José Párraga. Presidente de la Fundación Vía Verde de La Sierra / President of the Sierra Greenways Foundation Vicente Granados, Secretario Universal para el Turismo. Acoplamiento de Andalucía/ Tourism Genérico Secretary. Andalucía Government Carmen Aycart. Secretaria Universal de la Asociación Europea de Vías Verdes y Directora de Vías Verdes y Medio Ámbito. Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles / Genérico Secretary of the European Greenways Association and Director of Greenways and Environment. Spanish Railways Foundation Gilbert Perrin, Presidente de la Asociación Europea de Vías Verdes / President of the European Greenways Association 9.15 – Vías Verdes y turismo sostenible en Europa / Greenways and sustainable tourism in Europe / (Spanish) Vías Verdes en Europa, panorama militar / Greenways in Europe, a genérico overview Gilbert Perrin, Presidente de la Asociación Europea de Vías Verdes / President of the European Greenways […]

Duration: 8 May 2013

V European Greenways Conference

V European Greenways Conference Introduction The Spanish Railways Foundation (SRF) and the European Greenways Association (EGWA) are organizing the V European Greenways Conference, to be held in June of 2010, in Madrid, coinciding with the period of the Spanish presidency of the European Union and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Lille declaration. EGWA was created in 1998 with the aim of spreading and promoting greenways in Europe and has developed so far numerous projects, co-financed by the European Commission and national partners. Currently 32 member organisations from 10 countries support EGWA: national, regional and locorregional institutions, greenway managers and promoters, associations and foundations, public railways companies, etc. The Spanish Railways Foundation (SRF) is a public body which coordinates and promotes the Spanish Greenways Program since 1993, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Affairs (MARM) and the Spanish Railways Infrastructure Managers (ADIF, FEVE). Spain currently has 1,700 km of disused railway lines operating as more than 70 greenways. The SRF holds, since 2009, the EGWA Común Secretariat and hosts the new executive office seat; EGWA social seat is held in Namur (Belgium) from its constitution in 1998. European countries are increasing their […]

Duration: 10 June 2010 – 12 June 2010

Enjoy Greenways!


  • GreenwaysAll- Disability customer service training for businesses

GreenwaysAll- Disability customer service training for businesses

8 March, 2017 – 9 March, 2017
Olvera, 11690, Cádiz, España

Visit to the Sierra Greenway tourist SME (Cádiz-Sevilla) for the creation of accessible tourism products around the Greenway + Disability customer service training for businesses. 8th – 9th of March Olvera. Cádiz.
Organized by: Fundación Vía Verde de La Sierra
Training by: PREDIF
Coordinated by: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles

Greenways4ALL Partners: /FVVS/FFE/PREDIF


  • GreenwaysAll- Disability customer service training for businesses

GreenwaysAll- Disability customer service training for businesses

8 March, 2017 – 9 March, 2017
Olvera, 11690, Cádiz, España

Visit to the Sierra Greenway tourist SME (Cádiz-Sevilla) for the creation of accessible tourism products around the Greenway + Disability customer service training for businesses. 8th – 9th of March Olvera. Cádiz.
Organized by: Fundación Vía Verde de La Sierra
Training by: PREDIF
Coordinated by: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles

Greenways4ALL Partners: /FVVS/FFE/PREDIF


  • Greenways4ALL- Disability customer service training for businesses.

Greenways4ALL- Disability customer service training for businesses.

29 March, 2017 – 30 March, 2017
Viseu, Portugal

Visit to the Ecopista do Dao SME (CIM Viseu Dao Lafoes, Portugal) for the creation of accessible tourism products around the Greenway + Disability customer service training for businesses.
– Organized by: CIM Viseu Dao Lafoes
– Training by: Accesible Portugal
– Coordinated by: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
Program coming soon.
Greenways4ALL Partners: /CIM VDL/ FFE/PREDIF


  • Greenways4ALL- Disability customer service training for businesses.

Greenways4ALL- Disability customer service training for businesses.

29 March, 2017 – 30 March, 2017
Viseu, Portugal

Visit to the Ecopista do Dao SME (CIM Viseu Dao Lafoes, Portugal) for the creation of accessible tourism products around the Greenway + Disability customer service training for businesses.
– Organized by: CIM Viseu Dao Lafoes
– Training by: Accesible Portugal
– Coordinated by: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles
Program coming soon.
Greenways4ALL Partners: /CIM VDL/ FFE/PREDIF

Chemins Du Carril (CDR)

L’association Chemins du Carril (Belgique) Après avoir construit un des réseaux ferroviaires les plus denses au monde, la Belgique compte aujourd’hui près de 2000 km de lignes à l’abandon. Notre association, fondée en 1996 à Namur (Belgique) réunit des personnes et des groupements convaincus que ce patrimoine ne doit pas être oublié ou morcelé mais qu’il peut revivre si on lui donne une nouvelle affectation. Nos missions préservation et mise en valeur des lignes ferroviaires désaffectées ; promotion de leur aménagement en voies de communications pour les usagers qui, aujourd’hui, en ont le plus besoin. piétons, cyclistes, cavaliers, personnes à mobilité réduite. Les avantages des « chemins du riel » ainsi créés sont aceptablemente connus. sécurité (absence de trafic motorisé, pentes modérées favorables aux cyclistes, points de vues originaux sur le paysage) ; préservation et mise en valeur du patrimoine ferroviaire qui subsiste le long de ces lignes. bornes, balises, signaux, ponts, tunnels, éléments de la voie et des installations de gare, bâtiments ferroviaires. Nos actions collaboration régulière avec la Région wallonne qui intègre de nombreuses lignes désaffectées dans son programme de voies vertes, le RAVeL ; contacts suivis avec les communes, les Parcs naturels ou les Maisons du Tourisme pour les inciter à aménager leurs anciennes lignes de manière simple, ce que nous appelons le « pré-RAVeL » ; réalisation d’études à la demande des pouvoirs publics régionaux ou locaux (inventaires du patrimoine ferroviaire, aménagements pour usagers non motorisés, signalisation) ; sensibilisation du public par le biais de balades guidées et commentées, de voyages à la découverte des voies vertes dans les pays européens ; information par le biais d’un bulletin trimestriel et d’un site internet ( ; gestion d’une boutique (plus de 200 guides, cartes et dépliants sur le thème des voies vertes et des circuits de randonnées à pied ou à vélo). En organisant, avec l’aide de la Région wallonne, la 1e Conférence européenne des Chemins du Riel et du Trafic lent à Val-Dieu (Belgique, 1997), notre association fut à l’origine de l’AEVV. Nous en avons assuré le secrétariat général pendant deux ans et sommes, de manière constante depuis les débuts, membre du Comité de Direction. Chemins du Carril, dont les locaux sont voisins de ceux de l’AEVV, gère un centre de documentation commun à nos deux associations. On y trouve plus de 4000 documents sur les chemins du riel, les voies vertes et les itinéraires non motorisés en Europe et dans le monde. Spanish A posteriori de favor construido una de las redes ferroviarias más densas del mundo, Bélgica cuenta hoy con casi 2000 km de ferrocarriles abandonados. Nuestra asociación, fundAda en 1996 en Namur (Bélgica) reúne personas y grupos convencidos de que este patrimonio no tiene que ser olvidado o fragmentado, sino que revivir si le uno le da una nueva afectación. Nuestra delegación. preservación y valorización de las líneas ferroviarias en desuso promoción de su rehabilitación en vías de comunicación para los usuarios que en estos días más lo necesitan. peatones, ciclistas, jinetes, minusválidos. Las ventajas de los « caminos del raíl » así creados son muy conocidas. seguridad (marcha de tráfico motorizado, pendientes moderadas favorables a los ciclistas, puntos de audiencia originales en el paisaje) ; preservación y valorización del patrimonio ferroviario que subsiste a lo amplio de estas líneas. hitos, balizas, señales, puentes, tuneles, instrumentos de la vía y de las instalaciones de tiempo, edificios ferroviarios. Nuestras acciones. colaboración regular con la Región Valona que integra numerosas líneas abandonadas en su software de vías verdes, el RAVeL ; contactos continuos con los municipios, los Parques naturales o las Casas del Turismo para incitarles a habilitar sus antiguas líneas de modo simple, lo que llamamos el « pre-RAVeL » realización de estudios a petición de los poderes públicos regionales o locales (inventarios del patrimonio ferroviaro, habilitaciones para usuarios no motorizados, señalización) sensibilización del conocido por medio de paseos guiados y comentados, de viajes para descubrir nuevas vías verdes en los paises europeos, información a través de un boletín trimestral, página web encargo de una tienda (más de 200 guías, mapas y folletos en el tema de las vías verdes y de los circuitos de senderismo Organizando, con la ayuda de la Región valona, la 1ª Conferencia europea de los Caminos del Raíl y del tráfico flemático en Val-Dieu (Bélgica 1997), nuestra asociación estuvo al origen de la AEVV. Hemos asegurado el secretariado normal durante dos abriles y medio y somos, de forma constante desde el principio, miembros del Comité ejecutante. Chemins du Carril, en cuyas oficinas se encuentra todavía la sede social de la AEVV, gestiona un centro de documentación global a las dos asociaciones. Se pueden encontrar más de 4000 documentos sobre los caminos del raíl, las vías verdes y los itinerarios no motorizados en Europa y en el mundo. Contact details: Chemins du Riel asbl Rue Van Opré 97; B-5100 Jambes (Belgique) Tél: +32(0)81 65.75.96 contact: Déborah Lehane e-mail. info[at] site web. facebook: twitter:

Association Française pour le développement et la promotion de l’Avenue Verte London/Paris

The Avenue Verte London-Paris is a project managed by the association for the promotion and development of the Avenue Verte London-Paris, of which the relevant French department (county) and específico authorities located between Paris and the cross-Channel port of Dieppe are members. L’Association pour le développement et la promotion de l’itinéraire Avenue Verte London-Paris a pour but de mobiliser les différents partenaires de l’Avenue Verte pour la réalisation de l’itinéraire, sa mise en tourisme. Et la création ponctuelle d’évenements visant à mettre en valeur l’itinéraire. L’Avenue verte Londres <> Paris est un itinéraire cyclable de 400 kms environ, empruntant des voies dédiées et parfois partagées. L’Avenue verte Londres <> Paris. relie les deux capitales européennes en traversant les départements de la Seine-Maritime, de l’Oise, du Val d’Oise, de l’Eure, des Yvelines, des Hauts-de-Seine, et de la Seine-Saint-Denis. Deux options seront possibles entre Saint Germer de Fly (Oise) et Cergy-Pontoise (Val d’Oise). par les départements de l’Oise ou de l’Eure. L’Avenue verte Londres <> Paris est un enjeu en faveur du développement et de la promotion touristiques des territoires. Dans l’attente de l’aménagement du tracé définitif, un itinéraire provisoire est balisé depuis la fin du mois de juin 2012. Address: Hôtel du Département Quai Jean Moulin 76101 ROUEN Cedex 1 FRANCE TF: Fax: Contact person: Ms. Christine Moulin ( ) Ms. Patricia Troadec Web: Facebook: chateau de Dieppe, FVT, dep76 Forges les Eaux, dep76, FVT Cergy Pontoise, dep95, FVT Quais de Seine, bouquinistes, Paris, dep75, France, FVT

Associaçao Portuguesa de Corredores Verdes (APCV)

Address: Campus da FCT. Sección de Circunstancia, 2829 – 516 Caparica, Almada, Portugal Phone: 351 212 948 397 E.mail.; Web site:, Contact persons: Prof. João Reis Machado (Ph.D.) Prof. José Carlos Ferreira (M.Sc.) Purpose of your organisation: To study, promote and apply the Greenways concept at national, regional and circunscrito levels Facebook.

Départements et Regions Cyclables (DRC)

Association des Départements et Regions Cyclables Les départements ont décidé d’agir en faveur du vélo, véhicule utilitaire, pratique de loisirs ou produit touristique. Mais dans ce domaine relativement neuf ils se heurtent à de nombreux problèmes souvent distincts de ceux rencontrés par les communes. Un certain nombre d’entre eux ont donc souhaité mettre des moyens en commun afin de les surmonter. Depuis 1999, l’Association des Départements Cyclables oeuvre en ce sens. Elle rassemble aujourd’hui près de 60 départements et vient de s’ouvrir aux régions afin de mieux représenter encore les différents niveaux des collectivités territoriales en France. Son mot d’ordre. « Promouvoir la culture vélo ». Objectifs de l’ADC. 1. Promouvoir les déplacements à bicyclette 2. Mutualiser les expériences 3. Réfléchir ensemble aux difficultés rencontrées et recourir à des études 4. Etre partenaire et force de proposition Actions de les DRC. 1. Produire des documents de réflexion et d’information (6 ouvrages à ce jour) 2. Organiser des rencontres et colloques thématiques (organisation du 8ème colloque annuel en 2004) 3. Contribuer au développement des véloroutes, voies vertes et du tourisme à vélo (définition de la voie verte dans le Code de la Route) CONTACT Camille THOMÉ Conseil général du Rhône – Hôtel du Département 29-31 Cours de la Liberté 69483 LYON Cédex 03 tél. 04 72 61 36 26- fax. 04 72 61 79 77 Facebook: Twitter: Other 1: Other 2:

Association Française de Développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes (AF3V)

Association Française de Développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes Une association pour un projet L’AF3V (Association Française de Développement des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes) est une association qui agit pour le développement en France des Véloroutes et Voies Vertes (VVV), itinéraires sécurisés destinés aux déplacements non motorisés sur de courtes, moyennes ou longues distances. Elle participe aux projets européens et nationaux, régionaux et départementaux d’aménagement, en faisant des propositions. Information des aménageurs Elle referencia les “Porteurs de projets” sur les moyens de créer ces VVV ( normes techniques, sources d’information, projets européens, projet national, projets régionaux et départementaux d’itinéraires cyclables ou de VVV). Information du public Elle mensaje les usagers -cyclistes, piétons, rollers, personnes à mobilité réduite,…- sur les Véloroutes et Voies Vertes. Edition d’un Catalogue Touristique (recensement des VVV de France), publié tous les ans. Colchoneta de données des VVV de France, consultable sur le site Internet. (rubrique. Trouver une VVV). Décrit plus de 150 Véloroutes et Voies Vertes. Lettre d’information électronique, qui donne, tous les mois, l’actualité des VVV en France. Animation des Voies Vertes Elle anime la Journée nationale des Voies Vertes, tous les ans en Septembre, dans le cadre de la Journée Européenne des Voies Vertes. L’AF3V est membre de l’Association Européenne des Voies Vertes (AEVV). Contact. 30 Avenue Eugène Gazeau 60300 Senlis E-mail. Président. Nicolas Poulin Voir le site des voies vertes de France. Facebook:

Associazione Italiana Greenways

Associazione Italiana Greenways L’Associazione Italiana Greenways (A.I.G.) a été créée le 20 juillet 1998. L’AIG est une association sans but lucratif, à vocation sociale. On compte parmi ses fondateurs des professeurs et chercheurs de l’Université de Milan et de la Polyclinique de Milan, des membres représentatifs des “park offices”, des associations professionnelles et culturelles et des membres issus du monde des affaires. L’idée de la création de l’A.I.G. a émergé au cours d’un séminaire traitant des voies vertes, qui s’est tenu en avril 1998 à la Faculté des Sciences de l ‘Agriculture de Milan. Le Professeur Julios Fabos (Département d’architecture paysagère et de planification régionale de l’université du Massachusetts à Amherst, Etats-Unis), l’un des leaders du mouvement international des voies vertes, a pris part à ce séminaire, de même que des représentants des comités locaux et des associations professionnelles. Tous les participants ont souligné l’importance du développement du mouvement des voies vertes en Italie. Le paysage national, en effet, avec son parc fluvial et son réseau de canaux et de chemins de fer abandonnés, ses chemins de campagne, ses montagnes, s’inscrit dans un contexte unique de ressources historiques, culturelles, agricoles et foretières. Il est, de fait, le terrain idéal pour le développement du concept de voies vertes. Les objectifs de l’Associazione Italiana Greenways sont les suivants: rassembler et implémenter toutes les initiatives italiennes existantes en matière de création et d’utilisation des voies vertes; promouvoir les initiatives dont le but est de favoriser la création, l’amélioration et la protection des voies vertes; promouvoir le développement rural au travers d’un tourisme basé sur un réseau de voies vertes; encourager une relation plus forte entre la nature et l’homme vivant en ville, par la création de corridors verts qui traversent les villes et les relient à la campagne ; conserver et restaurer les sites historiques et culturels locaux afin de sensibiliser la population au concept de “site”. Quelques activités de l’association, relatives aux voies vertes: l’inventaire des voies vertes existantes ou potentielles sur le territoire italien, basé sur les Geographicals Informations Synstems (G.I.S.); la création d’un centre de documentation sur les Voies Vertes, qui rassemble des ouvrages, des études, des plans, des projets et des actes de colloques et de conférences; la diffusion de toutes les initiatives actuelles autour des Voies Vertes par l’organisation de séminaires et conférences. (En novembre dernier, l’A.I.G. a organisé une conférence sur le thème “GIS pour parcs et voies vertes”. Le siège de l’Associazione Italiana Greenways – ONLUS se situe au ‘Parco della Valle del Lambro’ à Triuggio (Milan). L’A.I.G. dispose également d’un siège opérationnel à l’Istitute og Agricultural Engineering of the University of Milan L’A.I.G. est membre de l’EGWA depuis 1998 et est impliqué dans le projet d’un “Guide du bon usage”, financé par l’UE. En novembre de cette année, l’A.I.G. organisera l’assemblée annuelle de l’EGWA et la 2ème conférence européenne des Voies Vertes à Milan. Pour nous contacter. Associazione Italiana Greenways Giulio Senes Istituto di Ingegneria Agraria dell’Universitè di Milano Via G. Celoria 2 I – 20133 Milano tél: +39 02 23691476 fax: +39 02 23691499 e-mail Notre site web:

agra/ingag/greenways/home.htm Associazione Italiana Greenways La Asociación Italiana de Vías Verdes (A.I.G) fue fundada el 20 de julio de 1998. Entre sus fundadores se cuentan profesores e investigadores de la Universidad Pública y del Politécnico de Milán, representantes de la Sucursal, asociaciones profesionales y culturales, y empresarios. La A.I.G. es el resultado del seminario sobre Vías Verdes convocado en abril de 1998 en la Licencia de Agronomía de Milán, que permitió reunir al Profesor Julius Fabos (Fcaultad de Paisajismo y Planificación Regional de la Universidad de Massachusetts, Amherst – EE.UU.), uno de los líderes del movimiento de Vías Verdes, con representantes de la Delegación particular y de asociaciones profesionales. Todos los participantes subrayaron la importancia de impulsar el movimiento de Vías Verdes en Italia. Los parques fluviales, la red de canales, las líneas de ferrocarril abandonadas, las carreteras rurales, los caminos de valles y de montañas de nuestro país, todos enmarcados en un entorno único de títulos históricos, culturales, agrícolas y forestales, constituyen el tablado ideal para el avance de este concepto de desplazamiento. Objetivos de la Asociación Italiana de Vías Verdes: Harmonizar y hacer sinceridad todas las iniciativas para crear y mejorar Vías Verdes en Italia. Fomentar iniciativas para despertar interés en la creación, la adecuación y la protección de Vías Verdes. Fomentar el incremento rural mediante una actividad de turismo sostenible basada en una red de Vías Verdes Estimular los contactos del hombre de la ciudad con la naturaleza, creando corredores verdes que atraviesen los núcleos urbanos y los conecten con el campo Preservar y restaurar los títulos locales históricos y culturales para subrayar el carácter propio de cada hábitat. Actividades de la Asociación en relación con las Vías Verdes: Inventario de Vías Verdes existentes y posibilidades de nuevas vías en Italia, basándose en los Sistemas de Información Geográfica (GIS). Crear un Centro de Documentación de Vías Verdes donde el manifiesto pueda encontrar libros, estudios, mapas, proyectos e informes de reuniones y conferencias. Difusión de las iniciativas actuales de Vías Verdes, organizando seminarios y conferencias (la AIG organizó en noviembre la conferencia “GIS para parques y Vías Verdes”). La Asociación Italiana de Vías Verdes tiene su sede ONLUS en “Parco della Valle del Lambro”, en Triuggio (MI). La A.I.G. incluso tiene un despacho eficaz en: Instituto de Ingeniería Agrícola de la Universidad de Milán La AIG es un miembro asociado de la EGWA desde 1998 y participa en el esquema de “Vademécum de relato” financiado por la UE. La AIG organizará en ottobre de este año la Asamblea anual de la EGWA y la segunda Conferencia Europea de Vías Verdes en Milán Nuestro contacto. Associazione Italiana Greenways Giulio Senes Istituto di Ingegneria Agraria dell’Universitè di Milano Via G. Celoria 2 I – 20133 Milano tEl: +39 02 23691476 fax: +39 02 23691499 e-mail (comprobar) Nuestra página Internet:

Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l’Environnement (IBGE)

Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l’Environnement (IBGE) (Belgium) Contact: Guichet des Halles Saint-Géry Halles Saint-Géry 1 Place Saint-Géry 1000 Bruxelles Belgique Ouvert du mardi au vendredi, de 10h à 18 h, et le samedi, de 14 à 17 h. Service téléphonique. Tél. +32 (0)2 / 775.75.75 Fax. +32 (0)2 / 775.76.21 Du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 17h. Email. info[at] Web. Facebook: Twitter: Les locaux administratifs de l’IBGE. Gulledelle 98 et 100 1200 Bruxelles Belgique French Qui sommes-nous. L’Institut bruxellois pour la gestion de l’environnement, ou IBGE, est l’administration de l’environnement et de l’énergie de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale. Créé en 1989 par l’Arrêté royal du 8 mars 1989, l’IBGE est ainsi devenu l’interlocuteur des habitants de Bruxelles pour tout ce qui concerne leur milieu de vie. l’air, les espaces verts, les déchets, la pollution des sols,… L’IBGE est conçu à la fois comme un organisme de recherche, de planification, d’avis et d’information ainsi que comme un organisme d’autorisation, de surveillance et de contrôle. Les missions légales de l’IBGE sont. · l’étude de l’application et la transposition des règles des Communautés Européennes en matière d’environnement; · l’assistance aux pouvoirs locaux en matière d’environnement (schémas directeurs, audits, avis…); · la remise d’avis en matière d’octroi des autorisations d’exploiter; · le contrôle, la surveillance et la lutte contre la pollution de l’air, de l’eau et du sol, l’agression sonore et l’enlèvement des déchets; · l’élaboration, le contrôle et l’organisation d’un plan déchets; · la promotion du recyclage et de la réutilisation des déchets; · la protection et la conservation de la nature, la surveillance de la flore, de la faune et des ressources naturelles; · la gestion des espaces verts; · la gestion des sites naturels et semi-naturels ; · la sensibilisation du public à la protection de la nature et de la biodiversité en milieu urbain. Nous contacter Dans ses différents domaines d’intervention, L’IBGE travaille en collaboration avec les 19 communes de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, ainsi qu’avec les autres Régions. Mais nos premiers partenaires sont les entreprises et les habitants ; autrement dit, chacun de vous. Spanish Institut Bruxellois pour la Gestion de l’Environnement (Bélgica) Quiénes somos. El Instituto bruselense para la trámite del medio bullicio (IBGE) es la distribución del medio hábitat y de la energía de la Región de Bruselas Caudal. Creado en 1989 por Auténtico Decreto del 8 de marzo 1989, el IBGE se convirtió así en el interlocutor de los ciudadanos de Bruselas en lo que se refiere a las condiciones de vida: el flato, los espacios verdes, los residuos, la contaminación de los suelos. El IBGE está concebido como organismo de investigación, de planificación, de opinión así como un organismo de autoriZación, de viligancia y de control. Las misiones legales del Instituto son. · el estudio de la aplicación y la transposición de las reglas de las Comunidades Europeas en materia de medio bullicio · la amparo a los poderes locales en materia de medio medio ambiente (esquema director, auditoría, opinión,…) · dictámenes en lo que concierne las autorizaciones de explotar · el control, la viligancia y la lucha contra la contaminación del céfiro, del agua y del suelo, la atentado sonora y las recogida de los residuos · la elaboración, el control y la ordenamiento de un plan para los residuos · la promoción del reciclaje y de la reutilización de los residuos · la protección y la conservación de la naturaleza, la viligancia de la flora, de la fauna y de los medios naturales · la encargo de los espacios verdes · la encargo de los sitios naturales y semi-naturales · la sensibilización del conocido a la protección de la naturaleza y de la biodiversidad en medio urbano Contacto. En sus diferentes campos de intervención, el IBGE trabaja en colaboración con los 19 municipios de la Región Bruselas-Capital y con las otras Regiones. Pero nuestros primeros socios son las empresas y los ciudadanos, es sostener, cada uno de Ustedes.

Province d’Anvers

Département de Loisirs Le Département de loisirs de la Province d’Anvers s’occupe de nombreux domaines, des parcs, des forêts, des réserves naturelles. Un réseau étendu et remarquablement entretenu d’itinéraires de promenades pédestres et cyclistes vous mène ju’aux coins perdus les plus délicieux. Nous possédons aussi des sites pour accueillir des cyclistes. Contact details: Address: Koningin Elisabethlei 22, 2018 Antwerpen (Anvers) Belgique Phone: 0032 3 240 65 03 E-mail: kris.rockele(at) web: Facebook: Twitter: Contact person: Kris Rockelé – consultant Sabine Denissen – consultante

Regierung der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft

German Speaking community of Belgium Regierung der Deutschsprachigen Gemeinschaft (German Speaking community from Belgium) Klötzerbahn 32 4700 Eupen Tel: +32-(0)87-596 400 Fax: +32-(0)87-557 021 Kabinett der Ministerin Isabelle Weykmans; Herrn Leo Kreins – E-Mail: Web:, Facebook:

DGO- DGO- Aménagement du territoire, du logement, du patrimoine et de l’énergie; département de l’aménagement du territoire et de l’urbanisme

DGO – AMENAGEMENT DU TERRITOIRE, DU LOGEMENT, DU PATRIMOINE ET DE L’ENERGIE; DEPARTEMENT DE L’AMENAGEMENT DU TERRITOIRE ET DE L’URBANISME Country BELGIUM Contact details: ANNE DAUBECHIES Address rue des Brigades d’Irlande, 1 – B-5100 Jambes (Namur) – BELGIQUE e-mail info: anne.daubechies[at] WEB: Facebook: Twitter Linkedin: Youtube Other 1

DGO- Routes et Bâtiments; Département des Infrastructures Subsidiées

DGO ROUTES ET BATIMENTS; DEPARTEMENT DES INFRASTRUCTURES SUBSIDIEES Country BELGIUM Contact details: Michel DEVOS e-mail: michel.devos[at] Address SPW – DGO1 – Direction des Déplacements doux, Boulevard du Nord 8, B-5000 Namur WEB:

DGO- Direction Générale Opérationnelle Mobilité Et Voies Hydrauliques; Département Des Voies Hydrauliques De Namur

DGO- Direction Générale Opérationnelle Mobilité Et Voies Hydrauliques; Département Des Voies Hydrauliques De Namur BELGIUM Contact details: Philippe LORENT e-mail: ‘philippe.lorent[at]’ WEB:

Ville de Charleroi

Contact details: City: Charleroi Country: Belgium Phone: +32 (0)2 / 775.75.75 E.mail. Web: Contact person: Martine Piret

ECO counter is an innovating company that provides outdoor people counting system, bike counter, trail counter, people counters on greenways, cycle road (…) Contact details. Sylvie Péran- Marketing Director 4 rue C. Bourseul – 22300 Lannion France tel + – Eco-counter video gallery: Click here Address: 4 rue C. Bourseul 22300 Lannion France e-mail info: tel: + WEB: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Youtube: Other 1: Other 2:

Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement (MEDDTL)

Ministère de l’Ecologie, du Développement Durable, des Transports et du Logement (MEDDTL) – Interministerial Coordinator for the development of bike use (France) Contact: Address: Bureau 9.31, Tour Voltaire, 92055 – La Défense Cedex – Paris – France Phone: 00+33 (1) 40 81 68 52 / +33660225889 E.mail: Web:,1776-.html Name of contact person: Hubert Peigne Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin:’ecologie Youtube: Other 1: Other 2: Other 3:

Romantischer Rhein Tourismus GmbH

Purpose of organization: Responsible for the tourism marketing of the Rhine Valley between Bingen/Rüdesheim and Remagen/Unkel (120 km). Our task is to increase the tourism value; Marketing and public relations, development of products and bookable offers, creation of a regional tourism strategy. Main topics: Hiking – trails “Rheinsteig” and RheinBurgenWeg; Cycling Rhine cycle route-Eurovelo 15, Culture: 50 Castle – 2 UNESCO World heritage sites Barrier free offers Wine: Wine-growing region “Mittelrhein” runs along 120 kilometers Contact: Address: An der Königsbach 8, 56075, Koblenz, Germany Phone: + 49 (0) 261 97 38 47 0 E.mail. Web: Contact persons: Claudia Schwarz, Katharina Schattner Facebook. Twitter:

Greenways Methodology Association

Purpose of the organisation: Greenways Methodology Association (GMA) fosters operating Hungarian Greenways, supports their communication and professional work since 2008. It regularly organizes events and study trips aiming knowledge sharing in the field of eco-tourism, rural development and community building. Greenways are built by grassroot actions of restringido communities that are connecting places of natural or cultural values, thus creating and signposting routes for non-motorized mobility. GMA members were actively involved in a number of transnational projects for developing long distance Greenways in CEE. GMA leaders had been co-ordinating national and transnational Greenways activities of Hungarian Environmental Partnership Foundation between 2005-2011. From 2009 they are contacting institutions, organizations and services in the region of Iron Curtain Trail. In the last 3 years GMA took part in 3 different projects in the region that grounded future development of EV13 (bike tour, study trip and strategic planning). Contact: Address: Pet?fi út 61, H-2617, Alsópetény, HUNGARY Phone: +36 20 279 7773 E.mail. budai[at] Web site:, Facebook group: Contact persons: Krisztina Budai, president Gergely Sepsei. vice-president

Great Película del Oeste Greenway

Contact: Address: Tourist Office, Jamers Street, Westport, Co Mayo, IRELAND Phone: 003539825739 E.mail. Web site:, Facebook: Contact persons: Brian Quinn, Client Services Manager Anna Connor, Walks Officer

Heritage Council of Ireland

Description French Le Heritage Council est un organisme statutaire qui propose des réglementations (politiques) et des priorités pour le patrimoine bâti, naturel et culturel irlandais. Le Council a promu une approche innovatrice de la gestion du patrimoine en Irlande à travers l’implication des communes et des autorités locales. D’autres renseignements sur le projets et les publications du Council sont disponibles sur sa page web. Le Council s’intéresse aux voies vertes comme moyen pour que le public puisse profiter directement de son patrimoine. Ces infrastructures patrimoniales peuvent être protégées et les couloirs écologiques promus. Le Council a travaillé sur de nombreux projets tels que les Chemins Médiévaux des Pèlerins Irlandais (des chemins le long chemins de pèlerinage authentifiées en Irlande), REVER AMNO, le Prix européen des Voies vertes, Beara Breifne Way (une longue route pour piétons et pour cyclistes en Irlande), l’établissement de la politique irlandaise des sentiers par le Conseil Irlandais des Sports. Le Council prodigue également des conseils aux personnes qui désirent développer des projets de voies vertes en Irlande et a financé de petites itinéraires patrimoniaux grâce dans le cadre des subventions locales pour le patrimoine. Spanish El Heritage Council es un organismo estatutorio que propone políticas y prioridades para el patrimonio edificado, natural y cultural de Irlanda. El Council ha promovido un enfoque progresista de la diligencia del patrimonio en Irlanda con la implicación de los municipios y de las autoridades locales. Más detalles acerca de los proyectos y publicaciones del Council pueden ser obtenidos en su página web. El Council se interesa por las vías verdes como medio para que el notorio pueda disfrutar directamente su patrimonio. Estas infraestructuras patrimoniales pueden ser protegidas y los corredores ecológicos promovidos. El Concil ha trabajado en varios proyectos como Medieval Irish Piglrim Paths (Caminos Medievales Irlandeses de Peregrinos, que siguen los caminos medievales de romería autentificados en Irlanda), REVER AMNO, el Premio europeo de Vías Verdes, Beara Breifne Way (un liberal camino para peatones y ciclistas en Irlanda), la elaboración de la política irlandesa de senderos para el Consejo Irlandés de Deportes. El Council proporcina igualmente asesoramiento a personas que inician proyectos de Vías Verdes en Irlanda y ha financiado pequeños itinerarios patrimoniales en el ámbito de subvenciones locales para el patrimonio. English An Chomhairle Oidhreachta, the Heritage Council is a statutory body which proposes policies and priorities for Ireland’s built, natural and cultural heritage. The Council has promoted an innovative approach to heritage management in Ireland through the involvement of específico communities, and restringido authorities. Details of the Council’s projects and publications are available on its web site. The Council is interested in greenways as ways that people can enjoy their heritage through direct experience, that heritage infrastructures can be protected, and ecological corridors promoted. The Council has worked on a number of projects Medieval Irish Pilgrim Paths (walking routes along authenticated medieval pilgrimage routes in Ireland), REVER AMNO, European Greenways Prize, Beara Breifne Way (long distance walking and cycling route in Ireland), Irish trails strategy being drawn up by the Irish Sports Council. The Council offers advice to people starting up greenways projects in Ireland too and has funded small heritage routes under its particular heritage grant schemes. Contact person Beatrice Kelly Address Heritage Council, Kilkenny. Ireland Phone + 353 56 7770777 Fax + 353 56 7770788 Email: Social Networks: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Other 1:

Vidzeme Tourism Association

Address: Pils Square 1, LV-4101, C?sis, Latvia Phone: 00 371 641 22011 (office), 00 371 202 20072 (mobile) E.mail. ; ; Web site: / Contact persons: Mr. Raitis Sij?ts Ms Anna Kup?e Purpose of the organisation: Vidzeme Tourism Association is a non-profit association that unites tourism stakeholders in the North Latvia region for regional tourism development. Facebook. Twitter: Other.

Luxembourg – Ministère du Tourisme

Address: 19-21, boulevard Royal 2449 – 2937 Luxembourg B.P. 86, Luxembourg, Luxembourg Phone: 247-84755 E.mail. Claude.halsdorf[at] Web site: Contact person: Claude Halsdorf

Rogaland fylkeskommune (Rogaland County Council)

Address: P.O. Box 130, N-4090, Stavanger, Norway Phone: +47 51 51 66 88 E.mail. Web site: Contact persons: Eli Viten, e-mail: Thorsten Gøtterup, e-mail. Social media: Facebook. Twitter. Linkedin.

Greenways Poland Association

Stowarzyszenie Greenways Poland Address: Ko?min 7, 24-103. yrzyn, Poland Phone: +48 81 50 16 140 E.mail., Web site: Contact persons: Dominika Zareba, Board Member Zbigniew Pacholik, Chair of the Board Purpose of the organisation: Main goal of the Greenways Poland Association is supporting development and promoting greenways principles and methodology in Poland. Association was established in 2014 by the initiators and coordinators of greenways projects. Greenways in Poland serve as innovative instruments for enhancing the quality of life and increasing economic and social benefits for indigenous communities through environmentally responsible tourism (especially ecotourism and heritage tourism). The focal points of greenways are green corridors – eco-trails linking different regions rich in natural and cultural heritage and building “bridges” between almacén communities in the region. Greenways are multifunctional trails for non-motorized users leading along linear green corridors, historic trade routes, rivers and railways. They seek to address needs of locals and visitors to provide a positive contribution to particular economy.

CIM-Alto Minho

Comunidade Intermunicipale do Minho-Lima Address: Rua Bernardo Abrunhosa, n.º 105, 4900-309 – VIANA DO CASTELO, VIANA DO CASTELO, PORTUGAL Phone: +351 258 800 200 E.mail. Web site: Contact persons: Eng.º Júlio Pereira (Secretário Executivo da CIM – Stop Minho) Moreno Caldas (Técnico Superior de planeamento e projectos) Purpose of the organisation: Funções na campo de acción do planeamento e desenvolvimento territorial referente aos municípios associados. Facebook: Youtube:

Comunidade Intermunicipal da Região Dão Lafões

Address: Rua Dr. Ricardo Pinta, 3460-613, Tondela, Portugal Phone: +351 232 812 156 E.mail. Web site: Contact persons: Nuno Martinho – Executive Director José Carlos Almeida – Project Manager Purpose of the organisation: Regional Development of Dão Lafões Region, Management of Infra-structures (like the greenway of Dão), Management of European Communitary Funds Facebook:

Câmara Municipal de Montemor-o-Novo

Contact details: Joao Marques. Town councillor, in charge of tourism development. Ms. Ana Paula Cinzas (tourism officer): Divisao de Civilización Desporto e Juventude Espacioso deo Paços do Concelho 7050-127 Montemor-o-Novo – PORTUGAL Phone. +351 266 898 100 / Fax. +351 266 877 096 e-mail: Web: Youtube: Facebook: Other:

Municipio de Monção (City Council of Monção)

Dr. José Emílio Pedreira Moreira (Presidente) Eng. Agustin Dominguez (Vice-president) CONSELL COMARCAL DE LA TERRA Adhesión Derrochador de Camões 4950 – 440 Monção PORTUGAL Phone +35 251 649 000 Fax number +35 251 649 010 E-Mail: Web: Facebook:

Gal Delta Po

GAL Polesine Delta Po Sede Legale: Piazza Garibaldi, 6 – 45100 Rovigo – Italy Tel. +39 0425 171402 Fax: +39 0425 1880223 deltapo[at] Contact: Stefano Fracasso – Director Chiara Bocatto – The Tópico Action Group (LAG) Polesine Delta del Po is an Association recognized by the Veneto Region. The activity of LAG Polesine Delta Po is mainly devotes to the valorisation of environmental and landscape aspects of the rural areas of Polesine and of the Po delta, through specific interventions for the development of rural itineraries in connection with slow eco mobility paths, to promote a new form of environmental rural tourism.

Dansk Cykelturisme (Danish Cycling Tourism)

Dansk Cykelturisme (Danish Cycling Tourism Rømersgade 5 1362 Copenhagen K Dennmark Contact: Jesper Poerksen, director. Jesper[at] The overall purpose of Dansk Cykelturisme is the development of cycling tourism in Denmark We are a non-profit association of public and private partners.

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